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The Vision

[Our] vision for worship, family ministry and outreach.

"Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air."  1 Corinthians 9:26


Vision for Sunday Service.

Imagine a room full of people from all walks of life.  Some are hurting, maybe you don't know what's underneath the smile, but you sense it.  Some have a gleam in their eye and are so wonderfully consumed by joy that it's contagious.  Some are young, wide-eyed and absorbing all that is going on.  Some are mature in faith and have a peace that calms the room.  Rich, poor, suburban, rural, the differences are there.  But, the unmistakable common thread is the love of Jesus is oozing through each person.  There is a spiritual energy that ignites the room and spills over in the community.  It's a community of believers who trade complacency for the dangerous wonder of following Jesus. It's a community of brothers and sisters in Christ serving together.  Perfect?  Heck no.  We're smack in the middle of a messy, imperfect world.  But we're on a mission because we love Jesus and feel His heartache for children who are far from him.


Vision for Family Ministry.

Children and youth are an important part of our community and we want to support and invest in them through building social capital.  Our goal is not to offer programs for youth and children to attend, but opportunities for them to learn, grow and serve alongside others.  We strive to include the whole family in our family ministry opportunities whether that be a family fun night, a community service event, or even during a worship service (Pastor Dave's goal is to keep everyone engaged during his messages).

We believe that children and youth are not just the church of the future, they are an important part of the church now.  This is why on Sundays you will see puppets in our worship service and sing a kids' song.  We want our kids to be a part of our worship and we want them to enjoy coming to church.  

We also offer a weekly youth connection for all middle to high school youth where we play games (both in-person or online), win some prizes and talk about issues that are youth are experiencing.  Parents join in and are always a part of the conversation because we want our youth to know they are supported and important.


Vision for Outreach.

We bring the hope and love of Jesus to our community through love, service and laughter!  We do this through some rather unique ways.


Sidewalk Connections

We wear silly costumes, hold up signs of encouragement and just let our community know they are loved!  
Our Sidewalk Connections are a fun way to bring some laughter and love to our community.


Service Projects

Aprons, Not Bibs

We fully embrace being an "apron" wearing church that is ready to serve and not a "bib" wearing church where it's all about us.  Each month we feature a Service Sunday where we do yardwork, put together Birthday in a Box packages for HopeKids, or make meals to be given away.  We aim to find service projects that all ages and abilities can participate in.

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Nonprofit Partnership

Beyond the Walls is partnering with HopeKids Colorado from the start.  HopeKids Colorado organizes events for families with a child with a life threatening illness through partnerships with businesses, churches and other nonprofits. They also seek to create community through connecting families in similar circumstances.  The number of HopeKids families in our area is growing, as many are moving here for a variety of reasons.  Since events are a major part of our community outreach, it's a natural fit!

Performance Art

Free Mental Health Webinars

Online with Mental Health Experts

We know this past year has been hard.  Depression and anxiety are at an all time high and we want to help.  
Beyond the Walls will be hosting various experts in medicine, psychology and nutrition to lead free webinars giving advice and resources.


Vision for Future Outreach.

We have big plans to make Beyond the Walls an amazing community center!


Sports Program

Upwards Sports

Establish a Christian Upwards sports program providing soccer and basketball leagues.

Pouring Coffee


Beyond the Walls Operated

Creating a community space for multiuse gatherings.


Christian Leadership Program

Faith-Based Leadership Training

Equipping people of all ages to grow in Christian leadership.

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