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The Launch

[Our] game plan and how to get involved.

"I press toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."  Phillipians 3:14


Pressing forward in faith.

NotNot only are there millions of unreached people right here in the United States, but just to keep up with population growth, there would need to 3,200 new churches planted per year!  As the Christian church in America, we are only growing by 300 churches annually.  New churches are a vital part of reaching new people and new areas with the gospel and are a key means by which to impact lives with the good news of salvation in Jesus' name.  We are pressing on toward the goal!  This page describes how.



We meet at The da Vinci Academy located in Northern Colorado Springs every Sunday at 10:10 am.


Launch Team

There's something very powerful about a group of people coming together to worship, encourage, grow, and spread the Gospel!  We've been praying steadfastly that as God has prepared us for this ministry, He will also prepare each member of our future launch team!


Dave Nickodemus

Pastor and Puppet Performer

A pastor who loves improv comedy, puppetry and magic tricks?  It's not your typical combination, but Dave is not a typical pastor.  Dave has worked as a family minister, associate pastor, high school teacher, children's entertainer, soccer coach and overseas missionary.  His passion has always been to communicate the amazing wonder and love of God and have a lot of fun doing it! 

Favorite quote: "We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations" -Pastor Chuck Swindoll

Beth Nickodemus

Marketing Director, 5280 Associates

Loves hiking, coffee, exercise, bargain shopping, dancing and Christian music.  She brings her marketing and event planning skills to the team along with a strong desire to live out an authentic and childlike faith. She also has a heart for shepherding women and high school youth.  Married to Dave with two awesome boys. 

Favorite quote:  "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God." -Corrie Ten Boom

Your name here!

Invaluable role

We are looking for a team to partner with us in this ministry adventure!  We are looking for people who have a heart for sharing Christ in their community through love, service and laughter.  We want people who don't just want to do church, but want to BE the church.



We understand that while we make plans this is ultimately in God's hands.  We do feel a sense of urgency and excitement and God is most definitely at work!



FALL 2019

Start to fundraise, build launch team, gather resources and formalize church affiliation as we move toward our first service.  Simultaneously launch Puppet Tales.



Start monthly community events and small groups.



Launch weekly Sunday services.


Church Funding Income Buckets

While our hope is for Beyond the Walls to be a simple church with organic growth led by the Holy Spirit, financial resources are necessary. We categorize our financial resources into three buckets.



Beth will continue her role as Operations Manager at 5280 Associates and provide health and dental benefits for the family. Pastor Dave will operate their family owned children's business, Puppet Tales.  This will offset the salary our family needs to function.  Eventually as the church grows, Puppet Tales will reduce bookings so Dave can focus on Beyond the Walls.

Reoccurring Monthly Gifts

This is one of the most important fundraising buckets when it comes to long term success of the church.  This allows us to budget and create financial stability.  We are seeking people to become ministry partners with us through monthly giving.  Even a few dollars a month can make a great impact!

One Time Individual or Corporate Gifts

One time gifts no matter the size are always welcome and are a huge help in launching Beyond the Walls.


Church Plant Expenses

We are striving to keep expenses low, but we have a number of initial costs that we will need covered. We estimate $13,000.00 in start up costs and $5750.00 in ongoing monthly expenses.  We'll be able to fine tune these numbers as we partner with Converge and move forward.


Monthly Rent

$2000.00 per month

Pastoral salary

$2500.00 per month

Worship Leader

$500.00 per month

Community Events

$500.00 per month


$250.00 per month after Q3 through Auxilio (a ministry focused service)

Start Up Equipment

$13,000 (includes audio, projection, children's ministry equipment and other worship equipment)


Ways to Get Involved

 Planting a church is no easy task.  We're charging ahead following the Holy Spirit's lead.  While much is uncertain, we are certain God has something powerful in store and we're going to need a team of like minded brothers and sisters to come beside us as partners.  We can't do this without you!  Here are some of our needs, whether you live near or far, have a hand to lend, or are led to give financially.


Prayer Team

Prayer turns things upside down!

Church plants are 50% planning and 50% miracle.  Contact us to join the prayer team.

Launch Team

True superheroes.

Walk with us, share the vision, volunteer at events, spread the word and help us propel forward.  Contact us to learn more about the launch team.

Small Groups

That's something to dance about!

Join our online "Bible Doing" small group (think Bible Study but a lot more active!) beginning with Messy Spirituality, by Mike Yaconelli.

Financial Support

"You need how much?"

Provide financial resources through one time gifts or monthly giving.  (Our start up costs aren't too bad, really!)  See the giving page for more information.

Volunteer Team

We need your talent!

From event planning to music to cooking to teaching to sports, if you've got a talent to share or time to spare let us know!  Full disclosure, knowing Pastor Dave, you may end up wearing a costume!  Subscribe to our email list to stay informed of volunteer needs.

Specific Item Needs

You never know what props Pastor Dave may need!

Subscribe to our email list to receive email requests for specific item needs as they surface.


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Services held at The da Vinci Academy, 1335 Bridle Oaks Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

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