Boxing Gloves

Creating community through LOVE, SERVICE and LAUGHTER.

Fighting [our] community's loneliness epidemic.  There's nothing wimpy about it.

It started with a small restlessness stirring deep within.  A little uneasiness, a yearning that grew along with a heartache for our community, for the disconnectedness, for the epidemic of loneliness that we too had experienced.  For a year, we processed, talked, went on many long walks and the Holy Spirit whispered.  With each step and conversation, God was leading us closer to taking a giant leap.  And now, here we are planting a church, knowing full well church planting is 50% planning and 50% miracle! 

You'll find on this website a simple vision based on the simple truth that God calls us to love Him and love others.  Our foundation is built on three small but powerful words: LOVE, SERVICE and LAUGHTER. There's a high school student, a neighbor, a grandpa, a friend that desperately needs us to go beyond the walls and love courageously.  It's not easy.  It's definitely going against the grain of culture. But we ask, is God calling you to join us? 

-Pastor Dave and Beth Nickodemus



You might have noticed from the boxing gloves picture and our intro, we're serious about fighting the loneliness epidemic in Colorado Springs! Our services start at 10:10 am (see Romans 10:10).

Each Sunday features a special kids' message with puppets and a kids' song.  We also offer Beyond Kids, an interactive, Bible-centered kids' ministry for children in preschool to fifth grade during the message time.  

Our youth volunteers are an essential part of the service, and help with everything from filming to puppeteering.  

As a church we constantly participate in service projects inviting all ages to serve our community.    

If you'd like to help share the mission and vision of Beyond the Walls, let us know!  Subscribe to our email list below or contact us directly.


New Message Series: Begins January 2nd

Do you feel weighed down and burdened with struggles, stress, and the challenges of life?  Join us as we shed the weight of our hardships this new year as we let go and let God go to work!  Begins Sunday, January 2nd in-person or livestream here: Sunday Worship


Kids Soccer Camp

June 27-July 1st, 9:30AM-12PM Daily
For Children Entering 1st to 6th Grade

Register your children for a fun week of soccer instruction and learning about the love of Jesus!